Who is Premier? - Premier Sportscar Service, Inc.
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Who is Premier?


Premier Sportscar Service has prepared some of the winningest race cars in the world. We now also service, maintain and upgrade some of the finest and very fastest street-legal automobiles in the world, and also tune & prepare owner’s cars for amateur and semi-pro track events. Owners ship their cars to us for service and tuning from all over the world.


Visit our New Location!

You can either take your car to a local shop or new car dealer and let one of their “factory trained” mechanics work on your car, or you can entrust World Champion Race Car Technician Kent Moore to personally work on and supervise the work on your car.

You will pay no more for the very best service and maintenance available anywhere! So what will it be… a local factory-trained technician, or pay no more for the very best? The choice is yours!


At Premier Sportscar Service: We Prepare Winners!

This isn’t a slogan crafted in a committee; this is a rallying cry earned by hard-fought victories in the pit lanes of Le Mans and Daytona. Today, we bring the same intense focus on detail and precision craftsmanship as we did to our own motorsports efforts, to our customers’ road and racecars. From routine service to complete arrive-and-drive race programs for Porsches, Ferraris and other high-end exotics, Premier is P1 in customer support and performance! Our record on the track and the street proves the point.


What has your Porsche “expert” done?

“Others may claim they know Porsches. Until they have felt the pressure of a 2 am repair at Le Mans — a repair that has to last and can make the difference between winning and losing against the world’s best technicians — they don’t know what expertise is.”


– Kent Moore, Owner and President
Premier Sportscar Service

Pro-Racing Accomplishments