Premier Services - Premier Sportscar Service, Inc.
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Premier Services


High performance vehicles, whether on road or track, always demand extreme levels of dynamic performance and occupant safety. This is especially true for racing vehicles, which require high levels of focused attention to suit specific applications and arduous life cycles.



Premier’s workshop is fully equipped to undertake an array of work from straight forward servicing and engine rebuilds to full race preparation and track support.


Suspension, exhaust, wheels, tires, aero, Premier has it all to make your Porsche exactly the way you want it.


Our performance packages are professionally developed tuning paths that we have spent years developing to satisfy a broad spectrum of differing expectations. Each path and each upgrade has been carefully considered to provide an optimized package to provide an excellent blend of engine performance or performance feature you demand the most.


Visit our shop to see some of our suggested Premier Upgrades.


From oil changes to full engine rebuilds Premier can keep your Porsche in tip top shape and ready for the next adventure.


Premier undertakes all types of servicing and repairs on a wide variety of high performance cars, not just Porsche. From a simple engine service through to sophisticated electronic diagnostics and major sub-assembly rebuilds, all work is carried out to the industry’s highest standards.


We are also your source for routine maintenance — without those high dealership prices. Premier knows proper maintenance can save you money in the long run and keep your sportscar running at peak performance.